The Company
ThreatGuard was formed in March 2002 by a team of former military members who brought their extensive experience in information security, software development, communications, intelligence, and enterprise management to the commercial sector.  ThreatGuard remains a privately held veteran-owned company that is still guided by those original founders.
From the onset, ThreatGuard has been a consistent technology leader with innovations such as the first truly continuous vulnerability management system and the first product to support automated compliance checklists and remediation using the government's Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP). In the years since, it has developed the first commercial OVAL product, as well as the first vulnerability management products to receive OVAL compatibility awards.  ThreatGuard has continued to raise the bar and is a recognized leader for standards-based security compliance and vulnerability assessment solutions. 

ThreatGuard development is done entirely in-house by our own team of talented U.S. artisans.