Downloads are unlicensed version of select products provided below for evaluation and demonstration purposes.  Each installer contains the complete software product, requiring only a license key to unlock features.

These installers can also be used to update licensed products.

Purchasing a license for any of these products can be completed quickly using our online store, or you can use our product inquiries form to talk to us directly.
Security Controls Auditor
Vulnerability Auditor
Extended Assessment Content
The application installers contain a core selection of the most reliable and commonly used assessment content.  The extended content adds more operating system coverage for known vulnerabilities and more application coverage for policy compliance.

NOTE:  additional policy compliance content, including this extended content collection, should not be placed in the oem-content directory.  Doing so will cause it to be removed the next time an update is performed.  Instead, place all additional policy compliance content in a directory called user-content (it may be necessary to create this directory).  Vulnerability content, on the other hand, can be all be placed in the vulnerability-content directory.
The Secutor line of products all use Java to increase platform isolation and portability.

We recommend that you first install the most recent Java runtime from Oracle, which can be set to automatically update itself.

The full installers for Prime include local versions of the Java runtime for either 32- or 64-bit Windows operating systems, but if the Java runtime is already present on your system the Update installer is all you need.
Looking for our other products?
Downloads for other products, including Magnus and CAT are restricted to licensed users. If you would like more information about these products or to find out how to try them for yourself, please contact our sales team at 888.623.2884 or