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The MultiView Interface for Prime 
The MultiView interface lets you scan multiple targets at once, import and analyze previous results, keep separate configurations and results using "contexts," and much more.

Running Prime from a Thumb Drive 
So, you're faced with a situation where you need to do security assessments of machines, but for whatever reason an agent-based or agentless approach is infeasible. Maybe they are on an isolated network, not connected to a network, you can't install new software on them, firewall exceptions are not allowed, ... 

Creating and Using Deviation Profiles 
It's not unusual to find that completely locking down a system to be fully compliant with the proscribed security policy breaks the usability of a system.  A deviation profile lets you track local differences from policy and have that reflected in assessment results, so systems approved for policy variants don't get those particular rules recorded as failures.

Offline Assessments with Prime Multiview 
There are many cases where directly querying a live target is not feasible or practicle. For example, embedded systems that do not have a method for live access, or critical infrastructure components where the possible consequences of a live assessment create an unacceptable risk level. 

Network Assessments with Prime Multiview 
Prime was originally designed to work interactively with a single assessment target at a time, but the Multiview interface lets you assess multiple targets at one time, and to automatically assess all applicable policy benchmarks against each target.

Directory Service Assessments with Prime Multiview 
Along with the other methods of doing assessments against a range of assets, we added the ability to define a set of assessment targets based on a directory service query, such as Microsoft Active Directory. 
Using Contexts in Prime MultiView 
An Assessment Context allows you to customize and save a different assessment settings for different networks or assessment goals, and to store the results in different locations.  Switching from one location to another is as simple as selecting the Context you've defined for each.

Upgrading to Prime/Magnus Version 5: Deviations 
For the most part version 5 looks and operates the same way as previous versions, but under the hood there are some significant changes. The most significant are changes to how deviations and remediation work. 
Upgrading to Prime Version 5: Remediation  
In previous versions of Prime it was necessary to pre-generate remediation actions, a process that was very sensitive to which revision of a benchmark was being assessed.