Offline Assessments with Multiview 
There are many cases where directly querying a live target is not feasible or practicle. For example, embedded systems that do not have a method for live access, or critical infrastructure components where the possible consequences of a live assessment create an unacceptable risk level. 
For this reason we added Offline Scanning to the new Multiview interface for Prime. This scanning mode uses the configuration files collected from the assessment target(s) located on the local file system of the assessment computer to do the assessments. 
For Offline scanning all you need to do is indicate the top-level directory where all of your data files are located, but you can also provide a file name filter to assess a subset of the files in those directories. Each recognized file type will be immediately assessed and the results shown in the main display like any other assessment action type. 
For this assessment method no authentication is needed but the actual assessment will still pay attention to the settings you have made in the content and deviation tools.