New MultiView Interface for Prime 
On 1/28/2013, ThreatGuard released a new version of Secutor Prime that adds a completely new way of using it that we call MultiView.  
This version enables Prime to provide a much broader picture of system configuration and security posture.  
It includes the ability to view results from previous assessments, define assessment jobs and perform periodic multi-host network scanning, and perform offline assessments of configuration files from various devices including Polycom systems.  
MultiView is delivered electronically as a free update to Prime Professional. 
Our primary design goals for this new interface are to simplify the task of doing security compliance assessments, keeping in mind the needs of security auditors, and putting into everybody's hands an easy-to-use desktop application that makes continuous security assessments a much simpler task. To these ends we've added new ways to perform assessments and the tools necessary to control the behavior of assessments and to segregate assessment settings and the resulting data. 
Using MultiView you can now perform a single assessment against a network of assets, using IP notation to define a range of potential assessment targets including addresses to skip, or you can query a directory services server (such as a Microsoft Active Directory server) for a list of potential assets, and you can even do offline assessments against data files on your local computer -- a very handy feature that also lets you reload assessment results into the interface from a local directory. 
As each target asset is discovered the assessment system in MultiView will automatically determine what benchmarks apply and if a deviation profile applies, then record the results on your local computer and update scoring information in the display. All with the click of a single button. 
An important new feature available in MultiView is the idea of "Contexts." A context is a shortcut to a saved set of assessment settings which not only allows you to quickly jump to a predefined assessment setup, it also keeps the assessment data and authentication information completely isolated -- a very handy feature for auditors and security consultants. 
Plus we've added tools for managing authentication information, content, and deviation profiles and we've added the ability to define what items you want to appear in asset and results titles in the display, how to sort them, and an ad-hoc report generation system.