Running Prime from a Thumb Drive 
So, you're faced with a situation where you need to do security assessments of machines, but for whatever reason an agent-based or agentless approach is infeasible. Maybe they are on an isolated network, not connected to a network, you can't install new software on them, firewall exceptions are not allowed, ... 
A solution many people use is to create a standalone installation of Prime on a thumb drive and use that to run their assessments. So here's how to do that. 
Start by using the full installer, the most recent version of which is always available from our downloads page.  If you use the 32-bit version, it will run on both 32- and 64-bit systems. Then follow these steps: 
  1. Start the Secutor Prime installer and on the step "Java Options" select the last radio button: "Force installation of embedded JRE". 
  2. Click the Install button on the installer to start the installation process. 
  3. When installation is complete exit the install and use the Windows file explorer to navigate to the Secutor Prime installation folder on your local machine. The default location is "Program FilesSecutor" on 32-bit machines and "Program Files (x86)Secutor" on 64-bit machines. Select both directories "Secutor Prime" and "vm" and copy them to your thumb drive. 
  4. On the thumb drive double-click the file SP.exe to run Secutor Prime for the first time. As a first time install it will prompt you for what interface style you prefer. Simple works best for thumb drive installs, but it is recommended to not use Multiview as that stores configuration and results information under the user directory of the local machine. 
  5. When the application has started, go to the Help --> Activate menu option, then use the Install Key button to install your Secutor Prime license key (without a license installed Prime will not write assessment results). You will need to accept the EULA terms then let Prime restart to activate the license. 
  6. (Optional) After Prime has restarted, go to the Tools --> Settings menu option and click the Assessment tab and select the checkbox Automatically run on startup. Thereafter, any time you start the application from the thumb drive it will automatically locate all benchmarks appropriate to the current machine, run an assessment for them, and write the results to the thumb drive. 
  7. (Optional) After Prime has restarted, go to the Tools --> Settings menu option and, on the Auto-Update tab change the update mode to No Automatic Updating. This will keep the update mechanism from interfering with automatically running assessments, but you will need to periodically update the application by using the menu option Help --> Check For Updates. 
 You are now ready to do assessments from the thumb drive! Note that on machines that have UAC active (Windows Vista and later, Server 2008 and later, etc) you will need to start Prime by right-clicking on the SP.exe application and selecting Run as administrator before the local OS will give Prime the necessary permissions to collect all the needed information. 
When Prime is run using the Simple interface and has a valid license installed it will write the results of the assessment back to the thumb drive in the folder "Secutor Prime results". Magnus users can copy these files to the Results directory of their Magnus server and they will be automatically imported into the Magnus database. The Multiview interface of Secutor Prime also has an Import action that lets you do analytics and generate report including the CyberScope report from multiple results files.