OEM & Integration

The Compliance Automation Toolkit (S-CAT) enables 3rd party vendors to add the compliance assessment abilities of the SCAP standard and the vulnerability assessment abilities of OVAL to their solutions quickly and easily. CAT is used by the government and industry to SCAP-enable various products. CAT is a mature commerically developed, maintained, and supported product. 
  • The first commercial SCAP toolkit with over a decade of continuous development and refinement by the industry experts in SCAP technology 
  • Used in a wide variety of government and commercial products, from small organizations to massive software companies
  • Designed for low impact and efficiency, CAT augments the functionality of 3rd party products without overwhelming system resources 
  • Extremely flexible design provides software vendors a wide variety of integration options, from scripting to deep API integration 
  • Functionality includes compliance auditing, vulnerability assessments, policy exceptions, and endpoint remediation
  • Incorporates the same NIST-validated SCAP v1.2 engine found in Prime and Magnus
Enterprise Management System Extension 

For organizations that have existing endpoint and enterprise management systems, CAT can be used to provide SCAP-based endpoint assessments. Rather than implement another enterprise system, organizations can leverage their existing system to distribute CAT to their endpoints and take advantage of the scripting support in CAT to perform assessments. CAT can transform endpoint management systems into continuous compliance and vulnerability management systems. All that is needed is CAT and a touch of scripting.

Is there a gap in your company's security offering? All ThreatGuard products are designed to be rebrandable for OEM distribution. It's a quick and easy way to complete your product offering.  Flexible terms are available to get you to market quickly.