Magnus brings the highest level of continuous monitoring to the enterprise. The first product of its kind designed specifically to meet the security requirements set forth by the federal government, Magnus provides centralized management of automated compliance assessment across an organization’s desktops and servers.
  • Fully automated for continuous assessments 
  • Logical deviation documentation and scoring adjustment 
  • Leverages same SCAP validated engine found in our Prime Products
  • Desktop application lets you remotely manage the server and view results
  • Extremely flexible assessment options
    • Agent
    • Agentless
    • Autonomous agent (Reporting Service)
    • External management system
    • Importing results from other SCAP-validated products (including Prime and CAT)
  • Assessment snapshots let you do trending analysis
  • Includes known vulnerability assessments

Easy to deploy and use, Magnus continuously tests computer configurations against defined policies and provides status reports.  From top-level government secrets to desktop data at your office, Secutor Magnus exceeds the most stringent of standards as a compliance solution.  Built using Microsoft Windows Server core components such as SQL Server so you can run it as a simple standalone server, or integrate with existing enterprise database and reporting tools.

Product Sheet (PDF)