Desktop · Server · Small Networks
Prime is an interactive desktop application that gives you a lot of flexibility to manage your security.
  • Designed with the needs of security professionals in mind, but simple enough for anyone to use
  • Highly interactive:  lets you perform assessments, document policy deviations, remediate systems, and explore results in a variety of ways  
  • Scalable enough to be run from a thumb drive and still powerful enough for the largest servers
  • Select from one of three independent user interfaces to match the product to each usage
    • Simple:  One-click full assessment of local system
    • Advanced:  For a detailed dive into each benchmark
    • Multiview:  Small network scanning and analysis in a simple desktop application
  • Awarded SCAP version 1.2 validation by NIST
  • Unprecedented auditing flexibility:  assess locally, remotely, offline, even from a thumb drive
  • Can use security benchmarks published by NIST, DISA, or any other benchmarks adhering to the SCAP specifications
  • Define and track policy deviations and PoAMs
  • Configuration and security remediation with individual rule undo and multiple restore points
  • Compare security posture changes over time for different networks and/or customers
  • Security reporting and data export for use in custom report solutions including audit categories (such as SP800-53 and SP800-171)

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Unlock licensed features with a key from the ThreatGuard store or contact us for a price quote.

Specific features depend on license level.  See below for more details.

  • Used to assess and remediate the local system
  • Compliance and Vulnerability scanning
  • Pre-defined and ad-hoc reports
  • Account for policy deviations
All the features of Prime, plus
  • Ability to assess and remediate over the network
  • Unlocks the full functionality of the MultiView interface:  a pocket-sized network assessment tool
All the features of Professional, plus
  • License terms designed to meet the needs of auditors
  • The ideal choice for mobile audit teams and professional security auditors
  • Assess and remediate local systems
  • Dedicated interface for even simpler usage
  • Focused on protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronically-protected health information