ThreatGuard's Secutor line of security products
Standards-based.  Feature rich.  Easy to use.
SP800-53 · SP800-171 · DFARS 252.204-7012
To do business with the federal government it is increasingly becoming necessary to show compliance with the security control special publications.  A tedious and time-consuming process that does nothing for your bottom line.  So we built the Security Controls Auditor to make this process as fast and easy as possible -- allowing you to not just audit your system, but also apply automatic fixes.

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Known Vulnerabilities
Vulnerability Auditor is a host-based known vulnerability scanner for Windows systems.  Built on the CAT assessment engine it leverages the OVAL standard to take advantage of the public collections of vulnerability checks and also enable usage of private/custom checks.

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Desktop · Servers · Small Networks
For users that don't need a full enterprise solution there is Prime.  This powerful product is able to perform interactive assessments and remediation at the click of a button, operate over the network, do data analysis of small networks, and is still lightweight enough to install and run from a removable device.  Available in multiple license levels to fit to your needs and budget. Download a trial version today and find out why Prime is the most popular SCAP compliance scanner in the world.

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Magnus is the heart of an enterprise solution, designed to automate continuous assessments and as a highly scalable repository for results and analysis. Magnus can perform assessments without an agent for easy set up, with an agent for better performance and scalability, with a specialized type of agent we call Reporting Service to cover some of those difficult cases, and any combination of these.  Its SCAP pedigree means it can take full advantage of the broad range of expert-authored policies and vulnerability content as well as import assessment results from other validated products.

Magnus can be used in conjunction with Prime and CAT, or act as a passive repository with analysis tools -- whatever it takes to get the job done.

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The Compliance Automation Toolkit (CAT) is a library, a command-line utility, a SOAP-accessible agent:  in short, a collection of tools that are the basis of all other Secutor products and can be used to add compliance and vulnerability assessment capabilities to existing products.  Carefully crafted over ten years, CAT was the first SCAP engine on the market and is trusted by some of the largest software product companies in the world.  CAT removes the daunting complexities associated with SCAP development and provides a drop-in solution for a fast time to market and ongoing compatibility with the evolving standards.

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