SP800-53· SP800-171 · DFARS 252.204-7012

Drawing on the excellent guidance developed by the Department of Defense and Nation Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the time-proven reliability of ThreatGuard's Secutor line of products, the Security Controls Auditor (SCA) automatically selects the control checks that apply to the local system and organizes them by the SP800-53 or SP800-171 controls.

With a single mouse click Security Controls Auditor will check your systems compliance with these automated checks and prepare the results for export as a PDF report.  A second mouse click will even automatically remediate the majority of the controls*.  A savings of at least eight hours per computer over manual methods each time an assessment is required.
  • Designed to simplify auditing of the SP800-53 and SP800-171 security controls
  • Reduce the time and effort for complying to DFARS 252.204-7012
  • Built on S-CAT, the trusted assessment engine that also drives the time-tested Prime and Magnus products
  • Automatically detects which control apply to your system
  • Export results as a PDF document or as raw XML data
  • Audit your systems compliance to the security controls, report the results, and apply local fixes to bring your system into compliance, all from one simple interface
  • Remediation automatically generated from assessment content, enabling customization of fix actions
  • Remediation actions also available as a PDF or raw XML report
  • Multiple levels of undo for remediation actions

Security Controls Auditor is sold alone or as a discounted bundle with Vulnerability Auditor via the ThreatGuard store -- get desktop and server coverage for both known vulnerability and policy compliance scanning at a cost savings.

Visit the ThreatGuard store to purchase a license key and get scanning right away.

For more details:  Product data sheet

* Some controls are unsafe for automated remediation and will not be attempted by the software.