Reference Check with Customized Profile

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Reference Check with Customized Profile

Postby Nathan_Hale » Fri Feb 04, 2011 7:46 pm

I have customized an XCCDF profile to conform to my client's needs. We only manipulated variables (i.e. account lockout threshold and account lockout time limit, etc). We also renamed the profile's file name.

When our client runs the "Reference Check" button, the OVAL, CPE, and Patches files come up as "Invalid" or "Not Available."

After we run the scan, the report itself has all the necessary information and the scan is successful.

Why is the reference checks showing "Invalid?"

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Required Edits in Customizing Benchmarks

Postby robert.hollis » Tue Feb 08, 2011 4:43 pm

Hello Mr. Hale,

The SCAP benchmark files are tied together (in some cases) by filename. So, if you change the filename of the XCCDF file, you also need to change some other filenames too. Per SP 800-126, all the files are supposed to have similar filenames, like so...
• xxxxx-xccdf.xml
• xxxxx-oval.xml
• xxxxx-patches.xml
• xxxxx-cpe-dictionary.xml
• xxxxx-cpe-oval.xml

Of course, once you change these file names, you'll have to go through each file to and change explicit references to match. The XCCDF file will reference the OVAL and Patches file. The CPE Dictionary references the CPE OVAL file.

As for why your installation seemed to work without these required edits, we would need to recreate your edits to comment accurately. Regardless, the aforementioned edits are requirements for an SCAP benchmark.

Thanks for your inquiry Mr. Hale. This is definitely a non-intuitive requirement of SCAP.


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