Discrepancy between help file and product

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Discrepancy between help file and product

Postby tegist » Tue Mar 01, 2011 11:45 am

Build 4001, Secutor Prime Pro, 32-bit JVM, 64-bit targets, Windows 2008 R3, SCAP files generated by Microsoft's Security Compliance Manager.

In the "Getting Around the Interface" topic in the help file is a list of icons that can show up next to items in "Fix" mode. Unfortunately, there seem to be some errors:
1. One is trivial: the last sentence before the list says "In Fix mode, there are three types of icons next to checklist items." The list actually contains 7 types of icons.
2. When I run the assessment I get icons consisting of "NA" enclosed in a box. It's not clear what this is intended to be.
3. I've seen instances where all of the individual checks have results other than "Pass" (errors or "NA", in particular), but the category containing those checks has a green check mark, indicating that the category has passed. This is confusing, to say the least.

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Postby gunnar » Tue Mar 01, 2011 1:14 pm

Tom, thanks for pointing out the discrepancies. Sadly, I'm not surprised, because the tech writer on this release is a twit. Which is to say, it was me.

NA = "Not Applicable". In other words, due to another condition, this test does not apply to this target and should not be scored as a failure. If you want to know exactly why it doesn't apply, click on the "OVAL Notes" tab on the bottom and pick through the assessment logic until you find the point where it made that determination.

At the category level we chose to indicate failure only when at least one rule below that point scored a failure and not under any other conditions.

We are actually in the process of re-skinning this product to make it more usable, so addressing this would make sense. Don't be shy in bringing up other things that bother you...

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