Remote FDCC scan of Win XP SP3 machine

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Remote FDCC scan of Win XP SP3 machine

Postby sdnewman » Fri Jun 10, 2011 9:26 am

I have Secutor Prime Pro installed on a Win7 machine. I want to perform a remote FDCC compliance scan of a Win XP SP3 machine. Is that possible? When I try to change "Content" and navigate to ""Program Files\Secutor\Secutor Prime\oem-content\FDCC", nothing appears in "Available Resource Files". There is text at the bottom of the dialog: "Remote service not currently available".

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Postby gunnar » Thu Jun 16, 2011 11:15 am

First, you should not need to manually select the benchmark when performing an assessment. Secutor Prime will automatically perform the CPE checks associated with each possible benchmark and present you with a list of benchmarks that apply to the target machine.

When Secutor Prime is used in Simple mode it will automatically build this list for you and let you run a single assessment against any or all of the listed benchmarks including OVAL vulnerability assessments.

Using the Advanced interface you can only select one benchmark at a time, but this mode also lets you interact with the benchmark with actions such as remediation, remediation undo, and defining rule exceptions.

But it looks like the most immediate problem you are having is that it is not connecting to the remote system or that you are connecting with a protocol that does not support the type of benchmark(s) you are looking at.

For the most part you can ignore the web services connection type. None of the benchmarks currently available from NIST and distributed with Secutor Prime apply to this connection type, so when the remote target is a Windows machine the connection type "SMB (Windows)" is the only one you should be using.

In addition, for Windows XP there are some configuration settings that need to be made before assessments can be performed remotely. Full details are in the Secutor Prime Help or can also be found in this forum post:

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