Importing Secutor Prime Results into Secutor Magnus

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Importing Secutor Prime Results into Secutor Magnus

Postby Randy » Fri Mar 04, 2011 1:22 pm

In addition to creating deviation profiles for use with Secutor Magnus, the results of assessments from Secutor Prime can be saved and imported into the Secutor Magnus database for aggregation, analysis, and reporting. While Secutor Magnus may be used to perform assessments, many auditors prefer to perform their assessments from their auditing laptop.

Secutor Prime has two modes of operation. The mode is selected by choosing Tools-->Settings and clicking on the Preferences tab.

Advanced Mode: In this mode, a single security benchmark (for example, Internet Explorer 7) may be run against a local or remote system at a time. In Advanced Mode, the results are manually exported to a file by selecting File-->Export As-->Magnus. The user creates a descriptive name for the file and saves it to a location they specify.

Simple Mode: This mode currently only operates on the local computer from where the software is being run (this could also be run from a thumb drive plugged into a computer). In Simple Mode, Secutor Prime automatically selects all benchmarks that apply to the system being assessed. When the user presses the "Go" button, all appropriate benchmarks are run and Magnus result files are automatically created (in the "Results" subdirectory under the Secutor Prime installation directory.

Once results files are created, they can be imported into Magnus. To do this, simply copy the files to the "Results" subdirectory under the "Magnus Server" installation directory (on the Magnus Server itself). Magnus has a service called "Magnus Importer" that must be running to import files. If that service is running on the Magnus Server, results files will automatically be imported into the server after they are copied to the "Results" directory.
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