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The convergence of security and simplicity
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Surprisingly Easy To
Find configuration problems and vulnerabilities quickly and painlessly 
Bring systems into compliance with the click of a button
Continuously monitor to ensure you remain secure
Trusted worldwide
ThreatGuard products are rooted in lessons we learned at the NSA and DoD and are now used in all corners of the world by government agencies and corporations of all sizes.  Even in Antarctica.
But don’t take our word for it
Our technology has been rigorously tested and formally validated by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) every time. And they take this stuff seriously.
Products that work for you
Continuously monitor configurations & vulnerabilities
Verify that the security configuration of your IT assets are set according to your policy and that they stay that way.  At the same time, check if your systems are susceptible to the latest known vulnerabilities.  Because the best security is to be sure the bad guys can't get in.
Identify and track policy deviations
We provide tools to easily identify and record accepted changes to compliance policies. These deviation profiles are used throughout our products to track and score endpoint compliance posture.
On-the-fly remediation
Remediate a local system configuration to meet the requirements of a driving security policy. These settings are derived from the compliance content without any user intervention.
The power of standards
Take advantage of the expert knowledge embodied in the increasing supported compliance (SCAP/XCCDF) and vulnerability standards (OVAL) to protect your assets.
Flexible deployment options
Run assessments from a thumb drive.  Take advantage of agents, or go agentless.  Install as a standalone server, or on existing servers.  Take advantage of your existing enterprise management system.
Solutions that conform to your needs.
Not the other way around.
  • Desktop
  • Smaller Networks
  • Mobile Teams
  • Servers
  • Centralized Management
  • Larger Networks
  • SCAP Results Repository
  • Scriptable Security
  • Integrators
  • SCAP OEM-able Module